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Product Reviews

PaddleAir would like to hear from you! Send your comments and photos to and we will post them on our Web site. We would like to know how PaddleAir has improved or helped your surfing experience. Here are some of our testimonials:

Julian Shiroma
Captain Cook, Hawaii

Aloha Dave,

Mahalo for processing my order.

FYI, this is my 3rd suit in about the last 6 or so years. The first two were short sleeve. I ordered the no sleeve to see if I like it better. Other surfers ask me a lot of questions when they see me wearing it, which I do whenever the surf is big and lots of paddling is involved, esp. in Winter surf (now).

I'm 58 years old, and the vest helps alleviate the aches and pains in my upper back and neck when paddling. I don't have to arch and contract my back and neck muscles on long paddles. Instead, I can push down (opposite muscle contraction) on my chest due to the air bladder keeping my chest/face above the water that flows over the nose of the board when paddling. I hope you can understand and visualize what I'm saying and describing.

Julian Shiroma in an Ergo off Kona, Hawaii

The vest also protects my ribs and chest from getting rash, but this has not been much of a problem for me because I don't have protruding ribs.

I realize the vest is not designed to be used as a flotation device, but I have used it about two times when I lost my board in big surf and needed a little flotation help. Just so you know, it did serve me very well in the two instances and I didn't require assistance from others.

Except for my friend Steve Gardner here, who introduced me to the suit, I think I'm the only other person who uses your product on the West side (Kona, Hawaii) of the Big Island that I live on, but like I said above, I get a lot of inquiries. I hope my answering their questions positively, will help increase sales for you. I really like your product and it definitely keeps me in the "game" that I've enjoyed since I was young.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Julian Shiroma
Captain Cook, Hawaii

Julian Shiroma in an Ergo off Kona, Hawai

Lorenzo Diaz
Board Riders Review

Dave Hilts of PaddleAir let us try his latest product called the ERGO. We tested it in big surf, small surf, on longboards and shortboards. And we were stoked with it! On those big surf days I stayed fresh my whole session by not burning extra energy arching my back scratching over the big sets and keeping an eye on the horizon. Duck diving was not impeded at all. We didn't even notice it knee paddling in full crouch on longboards. So if you have any upper body soreness or injuries then this is a must if you want to keep surfing.

Dave Kendall
More Surfing from San Diego to Costa Rica with Ergo

thanks for sending me my Ergo vest. I am using it locally over my wetsuit in San Diego and took it to Costa Rica and wore it over my 1.5 mm rash guard. Before I got your product I was having a problem with my ribs getting sore and starting what I thought would become knots on my chest. The air bladder on my ergo is situated just right to keep my ribs off the board. I have been using the Ergo for about two months and already I have noticed the affected area around my ribs getting smaller and no longer hurting after a long surfing session. Once I got used to how much air to put in the vest, I don’t even notice it is there when catching waves.

I am sure I will be surfing much longer due to your product. I am a 67-year old active and intermediate surfer. I have enclosed a picture of your vest on me in Costa Rica on one of my best waves [see below].

Warm regards,
Dave Kendall

Dave Kendall in an Ergo Surfing in Costa Rica

Earl Shores
Ergo Goes to Costa Rica


On a trip to Costa Rica in 2011 I had a great time, but after seven extended surf sessions in three days, my ribs were toast. I never had that experience before, at least where things were that painful. Unfortunately as we age...stuff happens.

On the Shore of Costa RicaSo when planning for our 2012 trip to CR, buying a PaddleAir Ergo was part of my plans. I didn't use it during the first couple of sessions (my mistake), but then my ribs started to get sore. Without question the PaddleAir Ergo saved my trip. It was worth EVERY penny. I would have been on the beach the last two days without it. Was incredibly comfortable, not awkward at all, and easy to use.

By the end of the trip everybody wished they had one. And I know one of the guys did come home and order one! The PaddleAir will always be part of my travel gear. Always!!

Thanks for a great well-made product that works as advertised!

Earl Shores

P.S. Only suggestion would be a tie loop in the front.

Bob Gregory
Very Happy with Your Product

Surfin in an Ergo off the coast of MexicoJust back from a week long trip to mainland Mexico. Used my Ergo every day surfing a long point break where the paddles can be 200 yards at times. My back has been trashed in the past there with so much paddling but not this trip.

Excellent product. I'm a believer. I also use it with my paddleboard.

Ocean Grove Main Beach, Victoria, Australia

Tania at Ocean Grove Main Beach, AustraliaSix years ago after a lifetime of sporting activity I ruptured two discs and had a subsequent spinal collapse of nearly 4cm. I had to give up all sport but refused to give up surfing.

The two most powerful things that helped me were the PaddleAir and yoga.

The PaddleAir kept me off the operating table for 6 years, and at times was the only way I could get into the ocean and continue surfing. I had a radical hybrid double level spinal rebuild by a world leading surgeon Dr. Mattew Scott Young from Gold Coast Spine 3 months ago and today TODAY!!!! I surfed in solid 3-foot swell with the PaddleAir. There is no way I could have done that without the PaddleAir. I'm excited.

The things I love about the PaddleAir are: paddling with longer strokes, and its just way easier, significantly reduced back arch via air bag torso support, and the easy adjustment to unlimited positions at any point in the ocean.

I purchased the new ERGO today which looks a lot more streamlined than my older one. I'm looking forward to the new ERGO model which looks like the tube is better placed by not wrapping around the head [which was] my only critique of the old model, and I always thought a tube half the old models length would be a good invention, so I'm excited to try the new version.

I want to let you all know there is a lot of hope if you have a spinal injury. Keep surfing surf buddies!!

Sincerely, Tania
Ocean Grove Main Beach, Victoria, Australia
[Note: Read Tania's full testimonial on the PaddleAir Blog.]

Mick Kelly
West Coast of Ireland

Mick Kelly on the West Coast of Ireland with KidsMy new Ergo crossed a continent and an ocean to get to me. Its voyage was not in vain. I was contemplating surfing retirement at 47. My lower ribs were saying no more and go sit by the fire and bore people with tales of waves and what might have been.

The dame [sic] thing worked.

The pain was localised in the lower ribs, a classic surfer injury of the intercostal muscle, the Ergo solved it and reoccurrence of injury will not occur.

It meant a lot to me because I have 2 kids whom I could not accompany into the waves without a solution. Now I get to see them surf rings around me as I decline and they advance.

Thank you Mister Hilts and best regards from the west coast of Ireland where we get some of the most powerful waves breaking anywhere on the planet.

Alan Ziff
Santa Rosa, California and Nosara, Costa Rica

You guys have integrity and an awesome product.

Alan Ziff in Nosara Costa RicaAfter reluctantly trying it 3 years ago when my wife got it for my 55th birthday I became a believer. I usually use it for my first 2-4 days back in the water after a few months off. But what I difference it makes in eliminating that soreness and bruising on the upper ribs I’ve always gotten. After 45 years in the water I prefer being comfortable. On my last trip to Costa Rica the PaddleAir started leaking air, requiring a blow-up after each wave. One short e-mail and you offered a new bladder which arrived 3 days later!

I rarely recommend stuff, but you guys deserve it. I suspect you’ll keep me in the water a decade later than I might have without it.

Thanks Again.

Bing Copeland
Bing Surfboards from 1959

Hi Dave [Hilts],
Bing Copeland in an Ergo
I love the new Ergo paddle air. It fits perfectly and the new hose location is out of the way and easy to get to. I was worried about not being able to adjust the air bladder (which was not an easy task to do) but the bladder is in the perfect place and the whole thing is easy to use and very comfortable.

I won’t go surfing without it. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Aloha from Baja [Mexico],
Bing Copeland Bing Surfboards from 1959
[read another review by Bing]

David Keevers
Byron Bay Longboards, Australia

Hi David [Hilts],

The new ergo is great, it seems to fit in the right places. The bladder fits perfectly around the rib cage and chest and you don’t need to inflate it as much as the old model to get relief from the pain area. The U shape of the bladder is a great idea as it sits on the rib cage and chest.

The hose is great (because) it’s out of the way and easy to get to, and I don’t get asked what is that thing around your neck!!! The fitting all over is good it’s firm and doesn’t slide around like the old model.

In your ad you have a man and a women modeling them, is there two models of ergo or are you looking at women wearing them also???

They look a better construction as they are a sealed bladder unit and hopefully the stitching doesn’t frey. I’m happy with mine I’ve worn under my wetsuit which feels a lot thicker so I put it on top of my tube suit the other day and that was more comfortable and not as restrictive as under your suit.

Looking forward to warmer weather as I can wear it on its own and also to see how hot it gets in summer, I still have to wear a rashie under it as it gives me a rash under the arms. I think it will sell well.

Byron Bay Longboards AustraliaThanks,
David Keevers
Byron Bay Longboards

Mark Perry
Fort Pierce, Florida, U.S.A.

I started using the original PADDLE AIR when they came out with it a few years ago. It worked great! As a 60-year old, with 46 years of enjoying longboarding, I don't spend time in the water anymore without it.

No more sore ribcage! Just to make sure, one small day recently I decided to see if it would make a difference without it ,for just a short session. Guess what! It does! My ribs were sore the next day. Live & learn!

Well I have now upgraded to the NEW "ERGO" and it is better than the original. I like the new sewn-in, dog bone shaped, air bladder and the new placement of the air hose. The old hose had a tendency to come loose from around my neck in heavy whitewater If you didn't have a rashguard, or wetsuit over it.

I specifically used the NEW "ERGO" without a cover my first week (warm water & air) and it worked perfect. So if you want to get rid of your sore ribs, get the NEW "ERGO" and have at

Bill Jessee, President
Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club

Oceanside Longboard Surfing ClubDave [Hilts]introduced me to the PaddleAir product concept a year or so ago, but I did not think I needed one. I've surfed for over 40 years but never had back or neck problems. Recently, however, a bout of back spasms and stiff neck sent to me to the doctor where I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my neck. Thinking that I could not surf ever again, I immediately thought of Dave's Paddle Air product and am glad I did. I've used the new Ergo several times now and am thoroughly satisfied with it. Ergo has helped me extend my surf session time dramatically with no adverse impact on my neck and back.

The shirt is very comfortable and once inflated; you hardly know it’s there. The bladder is easy to inflate/deflate and the air capacity allows the user to adjust the volume for maximize comfort and paddling efficiency. Ergo is a great product and I would recommend it to any surfer and particularly those with a history of back and neck problems.

Texus Surf TV

Sirfur Productions

PaddleAirAs a surfer and owner of a business that caters to surfers, I often spend time online searching for new and/or innovative products to review. I usually look for items that are out of the ordinary.

Recently, on one of my searches, I came across a totally cool product called PaddleAir. I became even more intrigued once I started to read about it.

This product claimed to increase your surfing endurance, relieve back strain, relieve the sore rib cage, and extend your time in the water.
Since I often have marathon sessions, I thought “If it does all of that, surfers must hear of this.”

So I contacted Mr. Dave Hilts, Founder of the PaddleAir. Dave was kind enough to part with one for review.

“What is PaddleAir?” you ask. [Read the complete review here!]

Sirfur Productions

David "SPUT" Keevers
Byron Bay, Australia -- Byron Bay Longboards

I'm e-mailing you to let you know that your product Paddleair has helped me to my fifth Australian longboard title. I have just come back from the aussie titles with a win in the over 45s division and the paddleair was the reason for my win. I stopped competing three years ago as my sternum was giving me hell after a big surf at our state titles, and as you know I gave your paddleair a go early this year and I haven't been out of the water since. The waves at the aussie titles this year were 2 meters plus range with a 40 knot offshore wind, so the paddle out and down the face of the wave were made easy with the paddleair and gave me no pain in the chest and gave me more energy to negotiate the currents and the white water. rive recommended the paddleair to many surfers and we are selling them well. I thank you for your product its great and if I didn't use it I would probably be a stand-up paddler or just playing golf.
thanks again.

David "SPUT" Keevers

Tom Higbee
Huntington Beach, California

Two years ago I had an inflamed rib on my left side where I rest my upper body on the deck of my board while paddling. I continued surfing for weeks until the cartilage connecting that rib to the sternum tore. I was out of the water for six months. When I finally attempted surfing again I had to get one wave in. The worst thing I could do to my injury was to paddle a board. I was worried I'd never paddle again. Then I found Paddle Air. I no longer rest my upper body on the deck of my board. Instead it rests on the cushiony air bladder. Problem solved.

Tom Higbee

Kevin R. Kelly
Santa Cruz, California

I have been unable to surf not only comfortably but at all for a period in excess of five years. This follows a major multi level back surgery as well as more than a dozen of the euphemistically named "medical procedures".

This past weekend I spent two days paddling and STANDING up on my board for the first time in all these years. This experience I shared with my son who I am sure believed it would never happen again.

All this was enabled by your product. I thank you, my son thanks you. I am a fifty four year old who thought "those" days were over.

Joey Hawkins
Huntington Beach, California

In the June 2004 issue of LongBoard Magazine longboarder Joey Hawkins tells his story about the unfortunate injuries he suffered after winning the world championship in 1992 and how the complications not only nearly ended his surfing career but almost took his life. Fortunately for Joey, he recovered from his ailments and is back surfing again,
We contacted Joey because we felt PaddleAir would help him enjoy surfing more. A meeting was arranged, and Joey agreed to give PaddleAir a try.

He immediately discovered how comfortable and relaxing the PaddleAir system made him feel.

When I am surfing a point break or spots with a long paddle out, the PaddleAir really helps. The air chamber under your chest helps you to relax your lower back muscles. I would recommend it for anyone who has problems like me, but it would work for anyone who wants stay out a little longer and shred a few more. Joey gave PaddleAir a try maybe you should too.

Bing Copeland

I've been surfing since 1949 and for the last five years I've been spending my winters surfing in Baja. At 68 years old, paddling out is really a chore. I find at my age keeping my head up while prone paddling has become very difficult. When I saw the ad for PaddleAir in Long Board magazine I knew I had to try one. Let me tell you, PaddleAir works great for me. It's easy to adjust the air, I use more air for a long paddle out and just a little for catching waves. No more sore back, ribs or neck. I would highly recommend PaddleAir for anyone who wants to make paddling easier.

Bing Copeland

Dr. Bruce Gabrielson
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Several years ago, I was involved in a car accident leaving me with lingering back problems, particularly when I do a lot of paddling. Since using the PaddleAir, not only have the back problems during extended sessions lessened, but I find I can surf several days in a row without having to rest my back. This has been a real blessing to me.

Herb Torrens
Temecula, California

Within seconds of hitting the water with PaddleAir, I knew one thing: "This is comfortable!" Hey, anything that makes paddling more comfortable is great by me. So I cruise out through the surf on my cabin cruiser of a surfboard and I'm thinking, "where's my deck lounge, anybody for another fruit drink?" Seriously, PaddleAir made a significant difference in my paddling. Better yet, I stayed out longer and caught more waves. I'm sold. I won't paddle out without it.

Herb Torrens Paraffin Chronicles

Dave Willmon
Hollywood, California

As a Shortboarder with recurring back problems, I found Paddle-Air extremely effective in reducing pain and fatigue during long sessions. No more extreme back arching needed to keep the nose of your board up while paddling. You can really lean into every stroke for maximum paddling power and efficiency.

Dave Willmon

Cliff Kjoss
Seal Beach, California

A few months back my shaper and I came up with the idea of making a paddleboard and entering the Catalina Classic Paddleboard race. I had been thinking about it for years, but the actual commitment just wasn't in the cards. Turns out Jay Moriarty, laird Hamilton and even "the Bull" all did the classic at one point in time. A 32 mile paddle from the isthmus to the mainland, finishing up at Manhattan beach pier. I started looking at different shapes and bringing in boards for Stamps (my shaper) to look at. I don't know how he did it but over the course of three months he produced a twelve foot board for me to paddle. We adjusted a few things in the padding and fin design but that was it.

PaddleAir PaddleWear

The race itself starts at six in the morning, darkness is still looming. The racers all huddle around a fire pit while the officials bark-out instructions. A horn sounds and we all make our way through the boats out to ship rock. Kids in their PJ's, parents sipping hot coffee look down into the water from their moorings as we pass below in total silence. After about an hour of paddling the sun starts to push into view. There was a good cloud cover and not a hint of wind. The paddleair was feeling great, I made a few adjustments in the first hour letting some short burst of air out using the valve. Three hours into the race I had to let more air out. It was as if the air was expanding in the bladder. My back felt good with the extra support from the layer of air. After about six hours of paddling I knew I was going to finish, keeping my arms moving was all I could think about. Washing up on shore I was greeted by other paddlers as well as family and friends. The paddleair product worked for me and kept me comfortable during the seven plus hours I spent paddling.

Thanks for the support...

Rich Harbour
Seal Beach, California

Since the beginning of Harbour Surfboards in 1959, I have seen many innovations in this industry. The Paddle Air is truly unique, and stands with the best of them. I suffer from osteoarthritis and my lower back is my most severe area of pain. Arching the back to paddle without some kind of support is not an option. I recently began to train for a local race on a 12 foot paddle board and was resting my head on the foam rubber pad located on the board. This created jaw and neck strain, depending on which I rested, my chin or forehead. Once I got my Paddle Air, it supported my upper body's weight, so no more strain or pain. I highly recommend the Paddle Air.
Rich Harbour

Doug Healy

I just returned from Australia and used the Paddle air on the North Shore in Noosa where we have a house. IT WAS FANTASTIC! Unfortunately I did not get a chance to go out a couple of days in a row to check the benefit on the old ribs but I found it easy to use and very comfortable.
I also have a bad neck (getting old is a bitch) and I found that the paddle air kept my head up with NO effort and made it considerably easier to paddle. This sure beats a the little piece of neoprene I use to stuff under my rash shirt.

Gary Sahagen
Huntington Beach, California

Hi Dave,
Here is that picture that Karl Kraushaar took of me surfing the HB Pier. Keep up the good work. The PaddleAir has helped me with my aching back. I feel much better after a session when I use the vest. I have a good boost for catching waves with the vest. I had to make a promise that I would not wear it at the pier as I already catch too many waves. Geez, what are they saying?

Gary 'Da Seahag' Sahagen

Gary 'Da Seahag' Sahagen

Wayne Ribnick
Malibu, California

This is my second one, (first one still works, I need a spare). Don't want to have to surf without it.

Wayne Ribnick

Wayne Ribnick

Miguel Plaza
Lima, PERU

My name is Miguel Plaza and I am from Lima, PERU ;I started surfing in 1962 and been in competition during the 60ths, in Peruvian International Contest, National Contest and Peru 65, San Diego 66 and Puerto Rico 68 WORLD CONTESTS and been visiting Hawaii since 1965. My last competition in Hawaii was the HLSA at Sunset Beach, coming in 5th place in the 50& Over Division in 1995. (Longboard Magazine Aug/Sept Volume 3 Number 3) I also participated at the Rabbit Kekae in Costa Rica, coming in 2nd. in the Kahuna's Division 1997. I got 1st place in the two last Peruvian Legends, here in Peru. Now at the age of 60 , I started having pain in my lower back after surfing and this was starting to keep me out of the waves.

I got a Paddle Air from my friend Rajan from Hawaii, that came for surfing late March this year to Peru and since then I have been using it with extraordinary results, since I have no more stress on my back and also makes my paddling easier.

I just got back from Hawaii, were I went to celebrate my 60th. birthday with my good friends Joe Cabell, Fred Hemmings, Ricky Grigg, Ricardo Pomar, Clyde Aikau, Rajan Watumull, Randy Rarick and many others that made it possible in a cocktail party at the Outrigger Canoe Club.

We have been surfing the swell that just hit the south shore and the following week some Sunset Point. My big challenge was to paddle paddle from Sunset to Waimea and finished with no stress in my lower back. Now ,I can say like Mr. Bing Copeland said :I would highly recommend Paddle Air, for anyone who wants to make paddling easier.

Yours truly,
Miguel Plaza

Miguel Plaza and Friends

Dean R. Robertson

I got my Paddleair "Insider" a couple weeks ago. It works exactly as advertised, and I'm extremely pleased. I'm about the same age, 55, as most of the guys that you've already heard from and I'm here to tell you that I was out in the water an hour longer, and caught several more waves last Sunday, than my stepson who is 19, mostly because of the advantage your product gave me.

And I had no neck or ribcage soreness afterward. This is an excellent product.

The only "complaint" I have is that the large size I bought is a bit too tight for me. If/when I buy another, I'll get an XL.

Tim Cassidy

Hey guys here is a shot of a 62 year old guy (me) @ Punta Mango, El Salvador wearing your "Paddle Air" rash guard. We were in the Wild East for 10 days in surf that rarely got below 6' and was frequently well over head, consequently really giving your product a work out. I know that Paddle Air most certainly extended my surfing time as I had really sore ribs even before we arrived and they actually improved by the end of the trip. Most days were double sessions at either Punta Mango or at Las Flores.
Thanks for a truly great product,
Tim Cassidy

Punta Mango El Salvador

Lester B. Waddel
Washington, DC

Professional review of the PaddleAir:

I ordered a PaddleAir the week prior to paddling a race that was twice the distance that I had previously raced. An adjustable inflated bag worn under a garment to relax the back muscles. It sounded good, I needed something to ease the stress that would be imposed on my back during the prolonged prone paddling. During the first test of the inflatable device I found that it provided much more than just back stress and pain relief.

When paddling on a board, using either double or single arm, a surfer must arch the back in order to raise the shoulders high enough for the recovery of the arms. This causes: 1. A straight arm recovery that I believe is the major cause of many shoulder complaints with surfers and... 2. Tightening of the gleuts and paraspinals causing over use and strain of those muscles, compression of the lumbar disc and pinching of spinal nerves with possible associated radiating pain.

Use of the PaddleAir raises the chest pneumatically. Which eases the strain on the gleuts and paraspinal muscles allowing pain free or longer paddle/surf session. The 'bag' that is inflated not only raises the chest to allow for higher shoulders for easier arm recovery but, when single arm paddling, enables the paddler to rotate much like a swimmer to get each arm higher out of the water on the recover. This higher recovery, I believe, will reduce shoulder complaints and injuries of anyone using this device.

Punta Rocas, Peru

Hey Dave, here's a shot (from November) of your vest in action. Truthfully, I don't use it for back or neck support, only (with a teeny bit of air) to pad my sternum ... where the bone protrudes, hence I get a "surf knot" in the middle of my chest, which my double thick wetsuits don't help. Since getting my Paddle Air, the bump has almost disappeared. Was surfing with Miguel Plaza week before last and I can tell you, he IS using it to help his back. Problems? Only that in surf the size of the photo, during wipeouts, the hose usually comes over my head ... inconvenient, but not dangerous. Anyway, we have waves like this where I surf (Punta Rocas, south of Lima) almost every weekend. I'm stoked. Thanks for the product, and hey, come visit!!

PS: I'm a Year One Baby Boomer - turn 60 next month.

Jim in PaddleAir

Bill Loveland
Newport Beach, California

The PaddleAir is a terrific invention! Before I purchased one, I typically could surf only once a week as lower back strain from paddling prevented me from surfing consecutive days and limited the duration of my surf sessions when I did go out. Now that has all changed; the PaddleAir permits me to get up the next morning after a surf outing and not have the same stiffness and lower back pain. As a result I can surf longer each time I surf and much more frequently. I'd highly recommend anyone try this product who has had problem(s) with their back but does not want to give up surfing altogether. PaddleAir allows you to get off the beach and back onto the waves!

Wyatt Werneth
Cocoa Beach, Florida

My best friend just completed a massive paddle up Florida's east coast. Check out He fits the true definition of Waterman; surfer, diver, Professional Lifeguard Chief, etc.. The Web site goes into greater detail about his accomplishment but there is one footnote that is missing. While preparing for this endeavor, a friend loaned him your product (Wyatt is a true surfer in every meaning of the word, always trying to get stuff for free or by borrowing it.................). He wore it for the entire paddle and said it was a true life saver.

Wyatt Werneth in a PaddleAir

Bob Jakucs
El Segundo, California

I'm a 57 year old surfer with both back and neck problems (Bulging Discs). The Paddle Air has made all the difference for me in the water. It relieves the tension and strain from prolonged paddling. This is the 3rd one I've bought and I don't go in the water without one. It's also great for those who get a sore rib cage from prolonged lying on the board. The Paddle Air provides the buffer between the rib cage and the board, hence no more pain. Thanks for the great product.

Tom Ferro
Pacifica, California

Tried out my new paddle air this afternoon. My back was a little sore today and I wasn't sure if I should surf or not.Well,I went out for just a quick session and my back didn't bother me one bit. All the stress is taken off of my back,it was great.You guys rock.

Paula Galbraith
Carpentia, California

After having whiplash as a child I have struggled with neck problems most of my surfing life. The Paddle Air absolutely elements any pressure on my neck. It has kept me active, young and able to surf with out pain.

James Pike
Portland, Oregon

Thank for returning my call, I've been using floaties in my paddleair rashguard. It works, but not as good as paddleair bladder. I've been using them since March. I hope you know how much your product mean[s] to me ....i have a birdchest, like a lot of surfer[s] I know. I need more than one air bladder for Mexico this summer. Thanks again.

Ken Hatfield
San Diego, California

I'm just another aging guy who has tried your product and must say that it has put me back into the water.

A year ago I weighed well over 300 pounds, had failing health, and was leading a very sedimentary life. Since then I have dropped aver 140 pounds and, along with my wife have totally changed my lifestyle. Hiking, jogging, ocean kayaking, and mountain biking are all activities we enjoy; however, growing up in San Diego surfing I've wanted to get back into that sport for years but lacked the flexibility and energy to do so. Once the weight was off all attempts to surf were met with bruises all along my ribcage due to the lack of cushion (fat) that I had carried for years. In addition I lacked the muscle tone in my back to properly arch while paddling.

A friend pointed out your product in a surf magazine so I bought one and must say it has provide me the tool required to rejoin the sport. Even the first experience with your product provided me with a couple of hours of pain free paddling and put me in a position to catch several waves. While I still have a long way to go to become a good surfer your product has put me well on the track to success.

Thank you so much for your product. You have a customer for life.

PaddleAir PaddleWear at Los Flores El Salvador