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How to Use The Ergo by PaddleAir


With PaddleAir PowerWear. you will experience the most comfortable paddling experience possible, but before you have your first session, here are some tips to adjust and maintain your PaddleAir unit.

PaddleAir air valve similar on all modelsThe air valve is located on the end of the hose and is used to inflate the air bladder. To inflate, push the black valve inward and blow in. To lock in at desired level, simply let go of the valve and the air valve locks. To release air, compress the valve and air will escape.  Make sure to turn the metal ring below the black tip clockwise to fully open the valve to let air in. If the metal ring is not fully open, the black tip will not compress and no air will enter the bladder.

It is recommended to keep the valve open at all times as it will allow you to adjust the valve while surfing. Keep the tube inserted in the neoprene sleeve at all times, it will keep the tube in the correct position for access.  Also, if being used under a wetsuit,   access the valve hose by reaching inside your suit and pulling it through the neck and adding or subtracting air as described above. You can also let air out just by feeling for the valve through your suit and compressing it. Once you are familiar with your new PaddleAir this will become easy and quick to adjust.  

Starting out

Inflating the ErgoFor your first session here are a few tips. When you are ready to enter the water, start with one full breath of air. You do not need to fully inflate the bladder. As you paddle, try adjusting the air in and out to get a feel of what is most comfortable for your body shape. When taking off on a wave, keep the air to a minimum as too much air will raise your center of gravity and not allow you to push down the face as you take off. After finishing a wave, give your PaddleAir an extra puff of air and paddle back out. This is the essence of conserving energy and minimizing strain on the back and neck areas most impacted by hyperextension. Use it to stay out longer and catch more waves while lessening long term repetitive stress conditions. 


Ergo should be rinsed with fresh water after every surf session, and hung to dry on a conventional hanger. The valve should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water every four or five sessions. Machine washing is not advised. Check valve opening for accumulation of wax if used without a wetsuit.

How It Works: The Demos

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