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Royal Blue Outsider

Jay surfing win PaddleAir

PaddleAir in black with royal blue piping

The Outsider SORRY! No longer available.

The Outsider model was designed to be worn by itself with trunks, but could also be worn under your wetsuit.

The Outsider featured a Neoprene front panel with Lycra body and the PaddleAir fully adjustable patented inflation support system to custom fit any body shape. The Lycra offers U.V. 50+ protection.

The system provides lift to the upper shoulders and back for a comfortable and relaxing paddle. A side cord cinch is also included to give a custom fit in any conditions.

Note: both the Outsider (now discontinued) and Insider feature an extended-hose and a larger bladder as parts of the inflation system. This allows both models to be easily inflatable when worn under the wetsuit, and provides a greater range of inflation for comfort and functionality for those long paddle outs.

 PaddleAir PaddleWear in black with royal blue piping

Black body, royal blue piping with matching royal neoprene inflation hose. 
Sorry. No longer available.

 PaddleAir PaddleWear in  royal blue body and piping with black neoprene inflation hose

Royal blue body, royal blue piping with contrasting black neoprene inflation hose. 
Sorry. No longer available.

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