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Surfing is the focus of this blog by the PaddleAir crew.

Get a PaddleAir at Sunrise Surf Shop in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Sunrise Surf Shop, Jacksonville, Florida
PaddleAir is stoked to announce our latest Ergo dealer: Sunrise Surf Shop by the sunny shores of Jacksonville, Florida. Established in 1976, Sunrise Surf Shop has a reputation as a premier East Coast surf resource.

The Sunrise Surf Shop is located conveniently at 834 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 (view on map). You can call them at 904-241-0822.
Sunrise Surf Shop Exterior

Not only does Sunrise cater to surfers of all ages, but also it also highlights skate gear. In their words:
With hard work and dedication through the years, Sunrise has become North Florida’s favorite core surf and skate shop. Voted BEST “Surf & Skate Shop” by Folio Weekly and Void Magazine time and time again. Sunrise has been owned and operated as a small family business since day one and has provided North Florida surfers and skaters with a place where they can go and find everything they need.

Sunrise Surf Shop BoardsSunrise Surf Shop SkateboardsSunrise Surf Shop WetsuitsSunrise Surf Shop AccessoriesSunrise Surf Shop KidsSunrise Surf Shop Clothes
Views of store interior and some of the departments.
(click on image for larger view)

Sunrise can also be found on the following social sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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The Surf Guru: Australian Online Surf Shop for PaddleAir

Australia is a haven for surfers with waves surrounding the continent. And, like surfers around the world, Australians suffer from paddling pains--sore ribs, back pain, shoulder strain, chest rashes, etc. An Ergo from PaddleAir can help.  PaddleAir is pleased to announce that The Surf Guru has the Ergo available online with free shipping in Australia.

The Surf Guru: for serious fun in the surf

In addition to the Ergo, The Surf Guru offers an array of surf boards, surfing gear and accessories for adults and kids from their website at Their telephone number is 0414 681 889 and e-mail: You can also connect with The Surf Guru on Facebook.

Check out this YouTube video that The Surf Guru produced in 2012 about the Ergo by PaddleAir!

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Rib Rocket=Zero Rash+Six Days Straight: A Testamonial

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
The Rib Rocket by PaddleAir gets another enthusiastic review from a happy surfer. Plus, checkout the great photos of the Rib Rocket in action.

Your product is the bomb. I surfed 2-3 ft overhead surf for 6 days straight with zero rash. Totally and completely stoked. Thought you’d appreciate the pics with a decent shot of your product.


James Bach
LightSpeed Consulting
James Bach in a Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

James Bach in a Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

James is rocking a Rib Rocket in Tropic White. It is also available in a black vest. Learn more on

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Get an Ergo at Wave Front Surf Shop in Ventura

Wave Front Surf Shop
Located within walking distance of the surf in Ventura, California is Wave Front Surf Shop where you can now get an Ergo by PaddleAir.

Wave Front not only carries a full line of surf-related clothing, wetsuits and accessories; but features surfboards and SUPs from the top shapers in the industry.

Wave Front Surf Shop Exterior
Wave Front Surf Shop is located at 154 E. Thompson Blvd., Ventura, CA 93001. Check out the address on the map.

Wave Front Surf Shop Exterior

Visit Wave Front Surf Shop on their website, on Facebook and on Instagram where they have lots of photos of the interior of the shop and their happy customers.

A Wave Front Surf Shop Tee Shirt Design

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Bird Rocks a Tropic White Rib Rocket

The Tropic White Rib Rocket by PaddleAir is put to great use by Bird on the sunny shores of Southern California in these photos by Michael Sangiolo.

Bird and front of Rib Rocket, photo by Michael SangioloBird and back of Rib Rocket, photo by Michael Sangiolo

Bird in Tropic White Rib Rocket, photo by Michael Sangiolo

Bird in Tropic White Rib Rocket on wave, photo by Michael Sangiolo
Click on any photo for the full view.

Surfer Bird is the owner of Bird's Surf Shed -- a unique surf shop located in an 1,800 square foot Quonset hut at 1091 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110. In addition to selling surfboards, surf gear and accessories, they also hold a variety of events on the floor of the shed.
Bird and Bird's Surf Shed
Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
The Rib Rocket by PaddleAir comes in two styles:  The Tropic White pictured on Bird and the Rib Rocket Black Vest. Both are essential surf wear for surf travel and out-of-wetsuit surf sessions. 

They provide added impact protection for upper torso and the tread-like design provides positive gripping contact for stable takeoffs from surfboard and help relieve rib pain for "Pure Rib Pleasure." They're light-weight and easy to use. Learn more here.

Tropic White Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

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Get a Rib Rocket at Hanalei Surf Company

PaddleAir sends a big aloha to our latest dealer in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai: The Hanalei Surf Company. Now, locals and visitors alike can get a Rib Rocket without a wait and experience a new boost in paddling and relief from rib pain immediately.

A visit to Hanalei Surf Company is not just a visit to a surf shop, but to part of the historic 1911 Old Hanalei School House (moved to its present location in 1990). In the shop you'll ..."find everything for the surfer and beachgoer, from surfboards to sunscreen and cutting edge surf fashions." They also have rentals and sponsor surf contests.

The main Hanalei Surf Company is located at:
5-5161 Kuhio Highway
Hanalei, HI 96714 (view on map).
tel: 808-826-9000
Visit their Facebook page.

Hanalei Surf Company Exterior

Hanalei Surf Company Interior

In addition, their Backdoor Store is located in the Ching Young Village Shopping Center in Hanalei.  They relate: "Backdoor specializes in cutting edge junior women's fashions, skating equipment, kids clothing and stuff, and men's trunks and aloha shirts."

The Backdoor Store

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NEW: Rib Rocket Tropic White Vest

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
PaddleAir introduces its latest addition to the popular black Rib Rocket vest -- The Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest.

It has all the same great features of the black vest, but in light, tropic-friendly shades. The back is of the vest is white to reflect the sunlight and keep you cooler.  The foam-padded front is a pale gray that also reflects the heat and masks surface dirt.

The Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest by PaddleAir

Not surfing in sunny and warm waters?  Then you can easily slip the Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropic White/Gray Vest over your wetsuit.  It provides the same rib-protecting benefits and makes you more visible in the water under overcast skies.

Read more about the benefits of a Rib Rocket hereGet your Rib Rocket vest in either color here.

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Visit PaddleAir at The Boardroom in Santa Cruz

It's time again for The Boardroom International Surfboard  Show (formerly Sacred Craft).  This year the show moves to Santa Cruz in Northern California.  And, once again PaddleAir will be there.

Stop by booth #605, meet PaddleAir founder, Dave Hilts ,and check out the latest Ergos and the new Rib Rocket.  Try them on, ask questions and learn how they can help you paddle stronger, surf longer, and experience pure rib pleasure.

The Boardroom and PaddleAir Booth Number
The show is being held on Saturday and Sunday, October 8-9, 2016 at the Kaiser Permanente Arena, located here on the map -- just a few blocks from Santa Cruz Beach.  Once there, find PaddleAir inside the arena as indicated below.PaddleAir Booth at The Boardroom
Learn more about The Boardroom International Surfboard Show here.

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Byron Bay Longboards Now Surf Central Byron Bay

Old Byron Bay Longboards Logo
PaddleAir is stoked to announce that our long-time Australian dealer, Byron Bay Longboards, has updated its name to Surf Central Byron Bay.

They are still at the same central Byron Bay location and have the same phone number:
Surf Central Byron Bay
                   1/89 Jonson Street
                   Byron Bay, NSW 2481
                   view on map
                   tel: 02-66855244

With the name change comes a new Surf Central Byron Bay website at and a new e-mail address:

In addition, Surf Central Byron Bay is building their social media following on
Facebook and Twitter.

Although their new website is in the process of being complete, Surf Central Byron Bay promises that they remain a classic surf shop:
Surf Central prides ourself [sic] on retaining a classic surf shop feel and mentality and stay away from the up market trend type shops.
We are surfers and focus on supplying products for surfers first and foremost from the grommet to the older rippers.

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PaddleAir Ergo is Awsome: A Testimonial

Dear David,

Three weeks prior to my trip to Nicaragua I bruised the left side of my ribs pretty seriously. To the point I had them x-rayed to make sure they were not broken. This injury really put my trip in jeopardy. The Ergo works, period!

After I was injured, I was completely stressed I had turned my surf trip into a fishing trip. By doing some research, I came across the Ergo and immediately went to Bird's Surf Shed to buy one. Bird had nothing but great things to say about the Ergo because he had used it on a surf trip with a cracked rib and it saved his trip.

I've had injured ribs in the past and can say even if they feel better, paddling on a surfboard can easily re-injure them setting your healing back weeks. During this recent injury I had to stay out of the water for the three weeks doing hot and cold compresses 5 to 10 times a day, just so I could have a chance at surfing.

It was the moment of truth when I got down there. Without a doubt, had I not had the Ergo, there would have been no way I could have surfed more than 20 minutes without re-injuring myself. Instead, I surfed 2 to 3 times a day for several hours each day. So thank you for your inventiveness and ingenuity. It really saved my trip.

I also have to tell you everyone I ran into was very curious about what I was wearing. Most thought it was for floatation, but once I explained what it was they were really intrigued by it. The surf instructors mentioned how a lot of beginners get sore ribs after day one and need some time out of the water before they can do it again. They were all interested in getting a few for their camps, so people could spend more time in the water. If you haven't already, get in touch with some surf camps and maybe you could move a few more units.

Thanks again your newly satisfied customer.


San Diego, CA

Mike Surfing in an Ergo by PaddleAir

Get your own Ergo from your local surf shop or online at

Discover more about the benefits of the Ergo by PaddleAir in this video highlighting research by the California State University San Marcos Kinesiology Department:

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Corky Carroll Is Rockin' the Rib Rocket

On July 29, 2016, Corky Carroll, surf legend and contributing columnist for the Orange County Register, published this "Corky Carroll: Rockin the Rib Rocket." It is reproduced below:

Many years ago a guy named Dave Hilts got a hold of me because he had invented a surfing vest with a bladder on the front that could be inflated, providing padding for your rib cage where it comes into contact with your board.

I thought this was a killer idea, plus an added benefit was it took a little bit of the arch out of your back when you paddled, which really helped people like me who have surfing-related back problems. I herniated my L5 disc in a horrific wipe out in Hawaii in 1997 and have had problems with my lower back ever since.

His product, called the PaddleAir, was very helpful for my back and I used it for years.

I also have issues with any part of my body that comes into constant contact with the board. When I was young and we knee paddled to old longboards, I had the biggest surf bumps on my knees and feet of anybody known to man. Many of the old surf movies had shots of my knees in them.

When boards went short the bumps moved to my rib cages and today I have huge bumps there. My kids call me the man with four boobs – it can be embarrassing. I had them removed the same year I hurt my back, as I was out of the water for many months anyway. Unfortunately, and to the amazement of the doctor who did the surgery and claimed they would never come back, they came back even bigger.

So, anyway, I had a need for Hilts’ product.

Sore ribs are a constant issue for surfers who don’t surf on a regular basis. Even surfers who do surf all the time, normally wearing wetsuits, have a hard time when they take a surf trip to somewhere warm and they don’t use the wetsuit. A wetsuit provide a nice bit of padding and helps.

At my getaway house in the tropical part of Mexico we get guests all the time who have this issue. It normally appears on their second day. Once they get sore it takes awhile for that to go away and for people to adjust to the pounding on the boney part of their chests.

Over the years Hilts has produced a couple different versions of his PaddleAir product with great results. And he has probably heard more stories about injuries and whatnot to do with rib cages and backs than any other 20 people in the world combined.

Recently, he decided there were a huge numbers of surfers who didn’t need, or want, the extra back support but really need and want the rib protection. He eliminated the bladder and the breathing tube used to inflate it and replaced them with strategically placed padding in a surfing vest.

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
He calls it the Rib Rocket.

In short, this thing works great and is very comfortable. Plus it is lightweight and fits easily into a backpack along with other surf gear, making it ideal for surf travel. I don’t very often cover new products unless I feel that they are a really good thing or really unique. This vest is of the really good thing category.

Congratulations to Dave Hilts, I think he has hit a homer with this one. You should be able to find these at your local surf shop, or you can contact Hilts directly at [].
Read more PaddleAir reviews from Corky in 2004 and 2013. Get a Rib Rocket by PaddleAir.

You can check out more from Corky on the OC Register or his website.

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It's New: The Ergo Long Sleeve

Ergo by PaddleAir
PaddleAir users have long been familiar with our second-generation line of rib protection, back stress relief products, the Ergo.  Joining the Ergo lineup of the Classic Short Sleeve, the Black Vest, the Sun Hoodie and the Bali Green Vest, is the Ergo Long Sleeve Neoprene and Lycra in Slate/Black.

The long sleeve Ergo has taken the cutting edge Ergo design and produced a 50+ UV protection garment with a Lycra back and sleeves with a Neoprene front panel. It works great worn with trunks and works equally well when worn under a wetsuit.. For the tropics it offers maximum protection from the sun and great wind protection for spring and fall water climates.
Learn more about the Erg by PaddleAir.
Ergo by PaddleAir Long Sleeve Lycra/Neoprene in Black/Slate

Discover more about the benefits of the Ergo by PaddleAir in this video highlighting research by the California State University San Marcos Kinesiology Department:

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Rib Rocket: New from PaddleAir

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
Just in time for summer, Dave Hilts, the founder of PaddleAir Products Inc. and the creator of the Ergo, launches his latest invention: The Rib Rocket.

The California-designed Rib Rocket is:

  • Essential surf wear for surf travel and out-of-wetsuit surf sessions
  • Added impact protection for upper torso
  • Tread-like design provides positive gripping contact for stable takeoffs
  • Light weight and easy to use
The Rib Rocket has strategically placed PVC foam padding sewn into areas where the ribs come in contact with the board during prone paddling. The padding is just enough to soften the impact where cartilage bone meets board and glass. We found that more surfers have been suffering rib pain because of the new EPS epoxy boards that are much harder than traditional fiberglass resins. Rib Rocket addresses these problems and offers a comfortable solution for all that suffer from rib pain.

The Rib Rocket features a 2mm Neoprene front panel with sewn-in PVC padding for comfort and stability and a Lycra back for a fine fit and cooler material for warmer climates. Also, a board short loop connects the garment to trunks to prevent ride up and a side draw string to snug the garment around the waist. Additionally, it provides 50+ UFP protection from the sun.

It's "Pure Rib Pleasure." Get it or your local surf shop world-wide.

Discover more about the benefits support for your ribs in the video about testing of the Ergo by PaddleAir by CSUSM Kinesiology Department in this video:

UPDATE: Checkout the latest Rib Rocket Lycra/Neoprene Tropical White/Gray Vest. Or, get one now.

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PaddleAir 2016 Product Catalog Featuring Ergo and Rib Rocket

Just released, PaddleAir's 2016 Product Catalog featuring Ergo and Rib Rocket. You can now view it online and/or print it out from here.

If your interested in featuring Ergo and/or Rib Rocket in your shop or have questions, you can contact PaddleAir via our dealer inquiry page.

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Surfers Get the Scientific Data Treatment at CSUSM

The scientific measurement and analysis of activity has been common for land-based sports for many years.  But it's been hard to apply to surfing because of lack of a controlled environment.  However, recent advances in waterproof wireless sensors, monitoring technologies and flumes (endless pools with a simulated current) have made it very possible.

The leader in the study of surfers surfing is California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) and their Department of Kinesiology, led by associate professor and Kinesiology Department Chair Jeff Nessler. Dr. Nessler, and Sean Newcomer, assistant professor of kinesiology.

The San Diego Union-Tribune recently devoted an entire page to the university's efforts: "CSUSM Researchers Making Waves: Surf industry uses university to help develop products." It's available to read here.

A CSUSM Study in the Flume
Credit:Hayne Palmour IV/San Diego Union-Tribune
PaddleAir Products Inc. is mentioned in the article,  Why? Because the Ergo by PaddleAir was tested by Dr Nessler and his CSUSM Kinesiology students in the flume.  The results will be released soon; but we're happy to hint that they show that you can paddle stronger, surf longer.

Applying Sensors to Ergo

Ergo by PaddleAir in the CSUSM Flume

Ergo by PaddleAir in the CSUSM Flume

Ergo by PaddleAir in the CSUSM Flume

Ergo by PaddleAir in the CSUSM Flume

Ergo by PaddleAir in the CSUSM Flume

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Introducing the Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Since 2004 PaddleAir Products Inc. has been providing surfers with specialty sportswear designed for making prone paddling easy, comfortable and at the same time enhancing paddling performance.

Our product line, designed in California, addresses all aspects of the problems surfers suffer while prone paddling. The two most common issues are back and neck stress and rib pain.

After years of listening to thousands of satisfied Ergo customers, we found that many of them only needed rib protection, especially those surfers doing multiple day surf adventures who would be in agony after a few days of charging two or three sessions a day.

Logo of the Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

So we have designed our newest product:

The Rib Rocket is a simple design that has strategically placed PVC foam padding sewn into areas where the ribs come in contact with the board during prone paddling. The padding is just enough to soften the impact where cartilage bone meets board and glass. We found that more surfers have been suffering rib pain because the new EPS epoxy boards that are much harder than traditional fiberglass resins. Rib Rocket addresses these problems and offers a comfortable solution for all that suffer from rib pain.

The Rib Rocket features a 2mm Neoprene front panel for stability and Lycra back for a fine fit with a cooler material for warm climates. Also, a board short loop connects the garment to trunks to prevent ride-up and a side draw string to snug the garment around the waist. Additionally, it provides 50 + UFP protection from the sun.

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Maintenance: Rinse with fresh water after every use and hang dry out of the sun.

Warrantee: All PaddleAir Products are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.

Get Rib Rocket now at and experience pure rib pleasure.

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir

Disclaimer: This product should not be used as a flotation device. This product will not protect the user from injury and should not be used by anyone who has sustained injuries. This product will not provide back or neck stress relief or elevation. This product is designed as rib padding but will not protect ribs or the sternum from impacts. 
Surfing is a sport that requires physical conditioning and this product should not be used as a replacement for physical conditioning. Anyone participating in the sport of surfing or paddling should be in good physical condition and should not rely on this or any other device to replace physical conditioning.

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Visit PaddleAir at The Boardroom International Surfboard Show May 14-15, 2016

Get ready for the summer. Visit PaddleAir at The Boardroom International Surfboard Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, 2016. We're located in booths E21 and E22, right in the middle of the action.

PaddleAir at Booths E21 and E22 of the Boardroom

This year, the PaddleAir booths will be busy.  We will be highlighting additions to the Ergo line and introducing the new Rib Rocket.  In addition, we are going to have Shane Carpenter DPT in our booth doing injury and other physical therapy topics specific to surfing. So stop by and learn how you can "paddle stronger, surf longer" and experience "pure rib pleasure."

PaddleAir Booth at Past Boardroom

The Boardroom (formerly Sacred Craft) International Surfboard Show is a jam-packed event of everything surfing. This year's show is no exception. According to their website, they will have:
  • Gerry Lopez honored in the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks
  • Glassing, laminating, color work demonstrations presented by RevChem Composites
  • Seminars: Insight from industry influencers on topics such as the wavepool industry; El Nino; surf forecasting; pro surfing’s future; surf eco-tourism; and more
  • Ukelele & guitar craftsmen exhibit
  • Shaping instruction for the aspiring craftsman
  • Young guns of shaping exhibit
  • Surfboard & wetsuit demos
  • Yoga Exhibit
  • Non-profit showcase featuring SurfAid, BoysToMen Mentoring, Surfrider Foundation, and others

Lear more about The Boardroom here. Visit

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Testimonial: A Mahalo for Ergo from Hawaii

PaddleAir is always stoked to get unsolicited testimonials about the Ergo and how it is used and helps surfers around the world. Below is one such review by Hawaiian surfer, Julian Shiroma. Included are two recent pictures of Julian surfing in an Ergo at his favorite surfing spot called Lyman's aka: Kamoa Point, Holualoa Bay, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, the Big Island.

Julian Shiroma in an Ergo at Kamoa Point, Holualoa Bay

Aloha Dave,

Mahalo for processing my order.

FYI, this is my 3rd suit in about the last 6 or so years. The first two were short sleeve. I ordered the no sleeve to see if I like it better. Other surfers ask me a lot of questions when they see me wearing it, which I do whenever the surf is big and lots of paddling is involved, esp. in Winter surf (now). I'm 58 years old, and the vest helps alleviate the aches and pains in my upper back and neck when paddling. I don't have to arch and contract my back and neck muscles on long paddles. Instead, I can push down (opposite muscle contraction) on my chest due to the air bladder keeping my chest/face above the water that flows over the nose of the board when paddling. I hope you can understand and visualize what I'm saying and describing.

The vest also protects my ribs and chest from getting rash, but this has not been much of a problem for me because I don't have protruding ribs.

I realize the vest is not designed to be used as a flotation device, but I have used it about two times when I lost my board in big surf and needed a little flotation help. Just so you know, it did serve me very well in the two instances and I didn't require assistance from others.

Except for my friend Steve Gardner here, who introduced me to the suit, I think I'm the only other person who uses your product on the West side (Kona, Hawaii) of the Big Island that I live on, but like I said above, I get a lot of inquiries. I hope my answering their questions positively, will help increase sales for you. I really like your product and it definitely keeps me in the "game" that I've enjoyed since I was young.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Julian Shiroma
Captain Cook, Hawaii

Julian Shiroma in an Ergo at Kamoa Point, Holualoa Bay

Classic Ergo Short Sleeve
Ergo Black Neoprene VestThe Ergo by PaddleAir is available in your local surf shop. For a map and list of dealers see our website.

Or you can purchase the classic short sleeve Ergo mentioned above here.  The Ergo vest is also available online.

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Get an Ergo at Cooper Surf's Jetty Store in Coffs Harbour, Australia

Are you surfing the terrific waves off of Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Australia? Got rib pain, sore back, shoulder strain, just not paddling well? You need an Ergo by PaddleAir. And, you don't have to wait for an online delivery, you can get one fast by visiting our newest Ergo dealer: Coopers Surf' Australia's Jetty Store.

Coopers Surf Australia
Coopers Surf Australia has been around since 1969 when they opened their first surf shop, the original Jetty Store. Since then they have expanded their shops to include Park Beach Plaza, Town Store, Woopi Store, Toormina Store, and Urban Life.

The Jetty Store is a complete surf shop with everything for the surfer from hundreds of boards, SUP, wetsuits, skate boards, clothing, accessories -- and now the Ergo.

Coopers Surf Australia Jetty Store

Here are the details:
Jetty Store
Jetty, 28 Orlando Street
Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450, Australia
view on map
tel: 02 6652 8146

You can follow Coopers Surf Australia on Facebook and the Jetty store has its own Facebook page. Catch them on Instagram.

Coopers Surf Australia Jetty Store

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Surf Shop Ergo Receipt Rebate!

Visit your local surf shop.  Buy an Ergo by PaddleAir.  Send us a copy of your receipt by mail or e-mail. PaddleAir will send you a $10. rebate! Details at

Ergo Surf Shop Receipt Rebate

Find a local surf shop that carries Ergo at

PaddleAir Ergo Dealer Logos

Many surf shops feature a custom Ergo by PaddleAir display, such as these from a recent Boardroom Surf Show.
Ergo Dispaly

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Get an Ergo at Coolum Boardroom on Sunshine Coast, Australia

If your local or a visitor, you can now get an Ergo by PaddleAir on Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Australia at the Coolum Boardroom and make your paddling experience less painful and more powerful as you paddle to capture the great waves of Coolum Beach.

Coolum Boardroom
The Coolum Boardroom describes itself as ...
... a grass roots surf shop locally owned and operated by Chris and Genevieve Kendall. Coolum Boardroom stocks all the surfing accessories needed for todays surfers needs. The shop also stocks local made products including Surfboards, clothing, inspiring photography prints, surfing books and surfing gifts.
Coolum Boardroom Interior

Discover more on Coolum Boardroom's informative website or visit the surf shop at:
2 Park Street
Coolum Beach
QLD 4564, Australia
view on map
Follow the Coolum Boardroom at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Coolum Boardroom Exterior

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King's Paddle Sports: Latest PaddleAir Ergo Dealer

The Ergo is benefitting traditional board surfers all over the world by easing their rib, back, and shoulder pains so that they can paddle stronger and longer.  It is often overlooked that the devotees of the SUP don't always standup to paddle.  They often need to assume a prone position to surge through the water.  Given that the SUP boards are usually larger and heavier than traditional boards, SUP surfers need all the prone-paddling power of an Ergo.
King's Paddle Sports

So, we are pleased that King's Paddle Sports, a premier shaper of stand up paddleboards (SUP) in Southern California is now a dealer of Ergo by PaddleAir. Kings's manufactures their boards in San Marcos, California.  They have a comprehensive website of SUP related products, surf reports, webcams, and news about competitive SUP events.

Paddling on a King's SUP

Check them out at King's Paddle Sports, Inc., 1703 La Costa Meadows Dr., San Marcos, CA 92078.

King's also has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube.
King's Paddle Sports Board in Action

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Get a PaddleAir Ergo at Lincoln City Surf Shop in Oregon

There are terrific surfing opportunities along the Oregon coast, but you better be ready to do a lot of paddling to catch those breaks. Lots of paddling leads to sore ribs, neck, back and shoulder pain and strain. An Ergo by PaddleAir can help alleviate the downsides of paddling so that you can not only paddle stronger but surf longer. Sure, you can order an Ergo online, but even faster, you can now get an Ergo at Lincoln City Surf Shop in Lincoln City, Oregon.

4792 SE Highway 101
Lincoln City, OR 97367
view on map
tel: 541-996-RIDE [7433]
Lincoln City Surf Shop is the largest full-service surf shop in the area with sales and rentals of all your surfing needs. They also offer surfing lessons and host the LCSurfCam for local surf condition views. Plus, there's the Pacific Northwest Surfing Museum for browsing. And, owner, Mike Jipp has the world's largest collection of vintage Greg Noll surfboards, many of which are displayed in the store (The vintage Noll boards and website are for sale here.)

Plenty of parking in the back of Lincoln City Surf Shop.

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PaddleAir Ergo Now at Island Surfboards on Phillip Island, Australia

Since 1969, Island Surfboards has been providing Australian surfers with custom shaped surfboards, surf gear, accessories, and surfing lessons. And now, they join our ever-growing list of surf shops to carry the Ergo by California-based PaddleAir.

Island Surfboards' two shops are located down-under on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Here're the details:

Island Surfboards, Phillip Island - Cowes
147 Thompson Avenue
Cowes, Victoria 3922
view on map
tel: 03 5952 2578
Island Surfboards, Phillip Island - Smith Beach
225 Smiths Beach Road
Smiths Beach, Victoria 3922
view on map
tel: 03 5952 3443

Island Surfboards has an informative website and a fledgling Facebook page.

Learn more about the innovative features of an Ergo and how it can ease back, neck, shoulder, and ribcage pain on the PaddleAir website. And, if your looking for surf shops in your part of the world that carry the Ergo, visit our dealer page and international map of PaddleAir Ergo dealers.

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Get an Ergo at Safari Surf and Sport in Chatsworth

Safari Surf and Sport
Heading to your favorite surf spot and live in the valley? Then you can now checkout a PaddleAir Ergo in Chatsworth, California at Safari Surf and Sport.

Safari Surf and Sport has a whole range of surfboards, wetsuits, surf accessories, and sporting stuff. And, because they are not next to shore, they're a convenient place to shop on your non-surfing days if you live in the valley. Here's how to find them:
Safari Surf and Sport
20946 Devonshire St., Unit 102
Chatsworth, CA 91311-2390
view on map
tel: 818-349-9283
Safari Surf Shop Exterior
Safari Surf Shop doesn't have an official website, but they've got great customer reviews and myriad photos on Yelp, some of which are displayed below. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Safari Surf Shop Inside

Safari Surf Shop Boards
Safari Surf and Sport Exterior

Safari Surf Shop Tee

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