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Ergo by PaddleAir: Get Ergodynamic

PaddleAir products take a revolutionary approach to putting your body in an elevated prone position using an adjustable inflation chamber that is integrated into a stylish wind-shirt, rash-guard type garment. The result is a comfortable and highly functional paddle-wear designed to relieve the everyday body stress of prone paddling and put your body in a position to make stronger paddling strokes.

  • Creates a stronger paddling position
  • Relieves repetitive stress injury (RSI)
  • Adds comfort to ribcage and abdominal areas

Our line of PaddleAir products include models that can be worn inside or outside a wetsuit, or as a standalone wind-shirt, rash-guard garment. They are made of the highest quality materials and with the Ergo, utilize a patented inflation technology that allows you to control the amount of lift you need for every paddling experience. The new Rib Rocket provides patented, tread-like built-in padding design for lift and protection of the ribs. Both the Ergo line and the new Rib Rocket line insure that you can paddle stronger and surf longer. Check out the videos below for more details!

Ergo     Rib Cloud by PaddleAir      Rib Rocket